What is OxyShark®?

OxyShark® Water Reclamation (OWR) is a wastewater treatment system used to treat domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater. OxyShark utilizes a high-rate biological process specially designed to produce reusable, nearly potable clean water.

Founded by a team of experienced water engineering professionals with a background in wastewater process design, OxyShark is a leader in the wastewater treatment world, distinguished by its speed and efficiency in completing the treatment process up to 10x faster and with a smaller footprint than traditional systems.

OxyShark wastewater treatment system single unit flow pattern

The OxyShark® Treatment Process

The OxyShark system is efficient, effective and easy to use. Here, the system is seen in a car wash application.
For a more in-depth view of the system, please visit our process page.

Wastewater Solutions

OxyShark specializes in wastewater treatment to meet the demanding water, resources conservation and sustainability needs of the 21st century. OxyShark can be used to treat wastewater for discharge to a stream or land application, for reuse in various other applications (e.g., washdown water, cooling towers, landscape, etc.) or for meeting regulation and compliance needs of a facility.

Our team will work with your engineers to develop the best OxyShark plan for your site.

1. Wastewater Needs Assessment

Determine your unique wastewater needs and whether OxyShark can meet them.

2. Engineering For Site

OxyShark will design a system to fit the specific needs of your site.

3. Installation

OxyShark can be quickly installed, including retro-fits, in a matter of days.

4. Addition of Beneficial Bacteria

After installation, beneficial bacteria are introduced to OxyShark in a one-time procedure.

5. Site Evaluation

OxyShark reps can consult with your managers to ensure a successful outcome.

OxyShark’s innovative design and build enables unique modular designs for most sites.
Find out more about how OxyShark can be tailored to your site.


Adaptive Flow Pattern

Unlike traditional wastewater treatment operations, OxyShark has adapted unique aerobic processes to wastewater treatment and management practices, allowing it to effortlessly treat a variety of contaminants in addition to conventional wastewater.

Natural Biological Process

In addition to a cutting-edge design and unique capabilities, OxyShark’s aerobic and biological process can handle demanding wastewater treatment needs without daily maintenance.

Reuse or Release

OxyShark’s innovative design and powerful build allow effluent water to be reused or released, optimizing an operation’s efficiency and effectiveness.