Is your business drowning in wastewater expenses?

Is your business drowning in wastewater expenses?

February 22, 2018  1 By 0 Comments

Is your business drowning in wastewater expenses? OxyShark can help transform your wastewater treatment from a debilitating expense into a responsible environmental solution. The OxyShark water reclamation system is a natural, sustainable alternative to expensive wastewater treatment. The multi-celled, fixed-film bioreactor can process a few hundred to a few hundred-thousand gallons of wastewater per day to save your business thousands of dollars per year on water and sewer fees.

The OxyShark is a unique patent – pending application of basic biological wastewater treatment that delivers costs saving solutions with a smaller footprint than conventional systems. As wastewater flows through its polymer media, millions of living bacteria devour organic waste materials before it can pass through the system. The unique aerobic, oxygen-rich design removes organic waste, nitrogen compounds, surfactants, and other biodegradable contaminants to produce effluent with up to 97% of pollutants removed. The highly treated water meets regulatory standards and guidelines for discharge into permitted streams or reuse at your facility.

Versatility and Portability.

OxyShark’s versatile modular design is the ideal solution for tight fits. Like building blocks, we configure the system to fit within your allotted space, which may be as small as 6’ x 12’, or less than 75 square feet for a single unit. Unlike older systems, it is compact, easy to transport, and quick to install. Once we size and design your unit(s), the system can be installed and launched in just a few weeks. If you need to add capacity to your current water reclamation system, we can retrofit the OxyShark to tie into your existing equipment to supplement your current treatment system.

Installation and Permitting.

OxyShark is environmentally compliant. We work directly with you and/or your engineer and environmental regulators (e.g., EPA, ADEM, etc.) to expedite permit applications for compliant discharge into permitted streams.

Return on Investment.

As drought conditions increase around the globe, so do rates for water consumption and discharge. Without a water management plan, businesses are at the mercy of local utility authorities. OxyShark reduces water consumption through reclamation and recycling which, in turn, reduces the amount of necessary discharge. It can treat wastewater in as little as two to four hours; up to ten times faster than traditional treatment facilities. Oxyshark provides a short return on investment by greatly reducing water and sewer charges.

Public Relations Benefits

Going green is public relations manna for the 21st century and OxyShark fits the bill. Millennials favor environmentally conscientious technology over antiquated machinery, and support an eco-friendly business that endeavors to conserve natural resources. Wow customers with your environmental commitment to a product that saves water, allows you to reuse it, and helps protect local streams and water bodies. With no chemical additives or odorous sludge, the process is completely natural (i.e., biological), occupies a minimal footprint, and produces nominal byproducts. Oxyshark provides your company with a rare win-win solution.  Your company wins with a great return on investment and your clients win by supporting a business that provides environmentally sound, next-generation technology.

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