Is your business drowning in wastewater expenses? OxyShark can help transform your wastewater treatment from a debilitating expense into a responsible environmental solution. The OxyShark water reclamation system is a natural, sustainable alternative to ex Read More
Pollution in the water supply – whether groundwater or surface water – is an ever-growing problem, but there are steps you can take in your daily life to help protect sources of fresh water.  Drinktap.org, a valuable resource from the American Water W Read More
One of OxyShark’s key benefits is its ability to save companies money while also reducing their environmental impact. OxyShark’s ability to both reclaim and safely reuse and/or discharge wastewater allows each site to be fitted for a system to best mee Read More
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“The OxyShark® team worked diligently when listening to our needs and when working with state and local regulatory agencies to obtain permit approvals. We are discharging crystal clean water into the creek that surpasses our discharge permit requirement Read More
“We have had great results and [our] expectations exceeded by OxyShark®. Furthermore, we are pleased to have signed a new contract for our original 35-year-old car wash that will utilize OxyShark.” – Rich’s Car Wash Car washes traditionally prod Read More
In the rural South, many schools have difficulty complying with regulations for their wastewater discharges. These schools lack the location resources of larger, more metropolitan schools, which affects their wastewater needs as well. In metropolitan areas Read More