Frequently Asked Questions

Will the OxyShark® Team help me with permitting for use in my area?

Yes, the OxyShark team will work with you and your team to ensure that our system can be used in your state, county or city. OxyShark has proven compliance for permitting purposes in Alabama and Florida, making permitting in other areas much easier.

Can OxyShark be used in above and below ground applications?

Yes, OxyShark’s versatile modular design makes it an ideal and effective fit for both above and below ground use, depending on the site’s needs.

What is the OxyShark media made from?

OxyShark’s robust and durable media is crafted from polymer fibers, which is ideal for housing millions of beneficial bacteria.

How does OxyShark regulate flow of water to the system?

OxyShark uses a plug flow system to regulate how water transits into the system. This optimizes OxyShark performance, ensuring a clean final product with a small, compact footprint.

How are bacteria introduced to the OxyShark system?

Beneficial bacteria are added using manufactured dehydrated packets in the first 2 weeks of startup, or they can be grown naturally as the media “ripens” over the course of a month.

Can OxyShark work in conjunction with the wells and tanks I currently have constructed and in use on my site?

Yes. In some cases, OxyShark can even reduce the number of holding tanks needed on a site, opening more space for your site and reducing costs. OxyShark can also be easily adapted to fit well systems that are already in use on a specific site.

What is the ROI on an OxyShark system?

While each site differs in terms of sizing needs and the water costs in a specific area can vary geographically, OxyShark typically begins offering significant ROI in one to three years.

How long does an OxyShark system take to manufacture?

Once ordered and sized for your unique site and its needs, an OxyShark system can be up and running in as little as three weeks.

The OxyShark® Process

OxyShark is capable of managing massive loads of wastewater efficiently and effectively, all in a compact yet robust frame. The wastewater treatment process video features an in-depth view of the system with voiceover commentary.

Do You Have More Questions?

Contact the OxyShark team to speak with a representative about your specific questions and unique wastewater treatment needs.