Reclaim Water Explained

Reclaim Water Explained

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One of OxyShark’s key benefits is its ability to save companies money while also reducing their environmental impact. OxyShark’s ability to both reclaim and safely reuse and/or discharge wastewater allows each site to be fitted for a system to best meet a company’s needs.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), water recycling, or reclaim, is reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, and replenishing a ground water basin (referred to as ground water recharge). Wastewater treatment can be tailored to meet the water quality requirements of a planned reuse. For example, reclaimed water used to irrigate land would not need to be treated as thoroughly as water that would be recycled for human contact.

Sometimes water can be recycled and reused on the same site where it was collected. A good example of this is a car wash – as the wash runs, the water produced is treated and cleaned, then is put back through the system to wash additional cars. A site that opts for water reuse adds an element of efficiency, lower costs and reduces the amount of wastewater released into the environment and to already overworked wastewater infrastructure systems. You can see water reuse in action in this motion graphics video.

So, how does OxyShark work to reclaim wastewater into a new, usable resource? OxyShark is an aerobic system that uses living bacteria to clean wastewater. As wastewater passes through “media” where bacteria are housed, the bacteria devour the organic waste materials. This natural process eliminates the need for chemicals, which allows operators to directly discharge or reuse the resulting water under most circumstances. Additional treatment processes (e.g., ultrafiltration) can be added after the OxyShark process to enhance color removal, disinfection and other treatment as required by the facility.

Implementing wastewater treatment solutions such as OxyShark can help companies in various industries save resources and, in effect, cut down on costs. The opportunity to recapture and recycle wastewater can be a game-changer for both the environment and operations, and OxyShark can make it happen no matter the site type or industry.

Learn more about the OxyShark process here, and give us a call for more information at 251.470.6870.

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