Rich’s Car Wash Plans OxyShark<sup>®</sup> Expansion

Rich’s Car Wash Plans OxyShark® Expansion

February 10, 2017  Like By 0 Comments

“We have had great results and [our] expectations exceeded by OxyShark®. Furthermore, we are pleased to have signed a new contract for our original 35-year-old car wash that will utilize OxyShark.”
– Rich’s Car Wash

Car washes traditionally produce copious amounts of wastewater polluted with chemicals, surfactants and other forms of waste. For most wash sites, these contaminants pose a problem for their wastewater treatment systems. Surfactants, along with other forms of pollutants, lead to byproducts in the treatment process. These byproducts must then be removed manually, a time-consuming and messy task. Even when washes turn to biological alternatives to treat wastewater, most systems produce large amounts of foam that lead to an inconvenient situation for employees to remedy.

For Rich’s Car Wash, OxyShark was the innovative solution to all of these problems, and more.

When our team designed an OxyShark system for the newest Rich’s Car Wash in Mobile, Ala., Rich’s was thrilled at the prospect of eliminating the need for manual byproduct removal and the hassle of foam build-up. Since installing OxyShark, Rich’s has neither seen the resurgence of past treatment problems nor had to use the aid of any continuous foam suppression, streamlining the wash’s efficiency and effectiveness.

So pleased with the OxyShark system’s performance at the Mobile location, Rich’s has begun the process of implementing the system at its original car wash, a 35-year-old site in Saraland, Ala.

We look forward to working with Rich’s on this project and continuing to find innovative solutions to unique problems at other sites.

For more information on how OxyShark developed an innovative solution for Rich’s, please read our case study.

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