OxyShark<sup>®</sup> Team Presents Modular System at Rich’s Car Wash

OxyShark® Team Presents Modular System at Rich’s Car Wash

March 10, 2017  Like By 0 Comments

“The OxyShark® team worked diligently when listening to our needs and when working with state and local regulatory agencies to obtain permit approvals. We are discharging crystal clean water into the creek that surpasses our discharge permit requirements.”
– Rich’s Car Wash

Earlier this month, the OxyShark team had the opportunity to present the OxyShark system to visitors at Rich’s Car Wash in Mobile, Ala. Among the visitors to the state-of-the-art car wash were car wash owners, suppliers and company representatives seeking more information about innovative car wash technology as well as wastewater treatment solutions. Rich’s Car Wash currently uses an OxyShark system to efficiently and effectively treat and discharge the thousands of gallons of wastewater the car wash produces daily.

The OxyShark team was pleased to meet several car wash industry veterans, introduce them to the system in use at Rich’s and learn more about each of their unique wastewater treatment needs. No two sites are the same, and OxyShark has the ability to be customized based on each site’s specifications.

The OxyShark team was proud to showcase the system’s new modular design to visitors. A modular unit setup offers unique capabilities for wastewater treatment and a variety of solutions to a wide array of facilities and operations. Additionally, the modular unit can be either installed in a new application or retrofitted to a site with existing equipment.

For more information about OxyShark, its modular design and overall versatility, please contact [email protected] or visit our Systems page.

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